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Bombshell Gift Box: Box of Bath Bombs

$24.00 / On Sale

This item is on sale until Mother's Day May 13!

This listing is for NINE assorted bath bombs! Each bath bomb is good for one bath or if you are feeling EXTRA you can make your own bath cocktail and throw a few in along with some bath tea. They will arrive wrapped in an adorable box, ready to give as shown.

I am happy to include a handwritten card with your personal message if this is a gift going directly to the recipient. Please leave a note with the information when you check out and I will be sure it is included.

Treat yourself to a luxurious Kitsch + Fancy bath bomb. Drop this bath bomb in your bath for fizzy action, a pop of color for your bathwater, and a relaxing fragrance.

If this is a gift, I am happy to ship directly to customer with a note if you would like. Just leave the note details in the "notes to seller" box when you check out and I will be delighted to include one!

Kitsch + Fancy bath bombs contain:

EPSOM SALTS which is used to draw out toxins from the body, sedate the nervous system (relax!), reduce swelling, relaxes and soothes muscles, softens skin, and is a natural exfoliator

KAOLIN CLAY for skin softening

NATURAL DRIED BOTANICALS for aromatherapy uses and relaxation

DISCLAIMER: These gorgeous bath bombs are chock full of yummy ingredients including natural, dried botanicals. These botanicals are so nice in your bath and look so pretty floating in your bathwater, however, if you prefer not to have flower particles to clean out of your tub (either rinse down the drain or quick wipe up with paper towels) you may use a muslin bag, cheesecloth or nylon tied around it before dropping in your bomb to contain the botanicals.